Strength of Materials – LECTURE NOTES

The following chapters will be prepared in order. Links are given to the finished chapters.


1.a Motivation and Introduction

1.b Separation Principle and Concept of Stress

2. Tension, Compression and Shear (Applications of “Stress=Force/Area” in  Bars , pins, bolts and other fasteners)

3. Deformation (a- Deformation in Axial Loading, Hyperstatic Problems, b- Thermal Extensions, c- Hooke’s Relations)

4. Torsion of Shafts  (Stress and strain calculations and hyperstatic problems in shafts subject to torsion)

5a. Normal Stress Distribution in Simple Bending  

5b. Shear forces-Bending moment diagrams in beams,

5.c Shear stresses and Shear flow in Bending,

5.d Bending of Composite Beams

6.Stress Transformations in the Plane and Mohr’s Circle

7. Yield and Fracture Criteria

8.Combined Loading Cases (Design of transmission shafts subject to bending + torsion, Thin Walled internal pressure vessels)